ABAJ STORAGE SOLUTIONS is the most recommended company in complete turnkey projects of Storage, Warehousing, Consultation, Warehouse Automation and Intralogistics. Our team is committed towards providing complete Storage and Warehousing Solutions. We specialize in projects like Rack Supported Warehouses, Automated warehouses, Radio Shuttle Projects, Customized Warehousing Solutions, etc. We have worked with companies throughout India and across domains to cater to FMCG, Retail, eRetail , Industrial Component, Automobiles, Food & Beverages, Cold Storage, Apparel, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Oil & Gases, Electronics, etc.

Abaj Storage Solutions have always been the pioneer in thinking about the well being of their clients first. Thus, we rank the best in making your life organized and fulfilled and give you easy expertise in the field of storage systems.We believe that it is only with organized racking system that the work environment can be suitable. We have been the pioneers, market leaders and in top among the rung for making good storage products.  Our infrastructure set up is of that good quality that you are only going to get world-class design, product management and manufacturing from us. We also offer strong sales support for the better service of all of your needs. The good point of the team at Abaj Storage Solutions is that it gives individual attention and detailing to each of its client

Our Vision

Is to offer best storage solutions with the best Quality and become the most successful and reputed suppliers of storage systems for all industry segments

Our Mission

We design racks and shelves that efficiently bring all vertical space for the industrial storage areas to use by stacking them on robust and long-lasting structures that have been built for endurance while providing an easy retrieval of the goods.

Our Quality

Our aim is to satisfy the clients to our utmost capabilities and to our best of efforts. We believe in providing quality with comfort therefore there are numerous kinds of services provided by our experts.

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